Andrey Pushkarev continues to move floors with a combination of profound musical knowledge, unique professionalism, and a meticulously gathered vinyl collection. His exquisite taste, sharp skills at the decks, and uncompromising nature have won him a great deal of respect and admiration as a committed promoter of quality music. 

The subtle charm of his mixes encourage a reflective, ruminative headspace; a sound which focuses on creating moods, all the while emphasizing the human aspect of music. His firm attitude at the decks masks an unquestioning exploration of the power of spatiality in which every track is given breathing room, and accordingly, takes on a sense of the organic. 

It’s a work of architectural, structural, and musical genius, ranging from deep and sensitive melodic techno, to soul-beating house grooves, creating a synesthetic aura that is almost as powerful as his record selection. A journey towards the endless pursuit of artistic truth


Andrey Pushkarev – MixCult Compilation (MixCult Records)

Andrey Pushkarev – Photograph EP (Luck Of Access) new-ep/

Andrey Pushkarev – Protagonist (Lessizmore 10 Years Compilation feat. Magda, Mathias Skaden, Deadbeat and more)

Andrey Pushkarev – From Ambient to Dub 2015 Compilation (Tehnofonika Records)

Andrey Pushkarev – Gingo Biloba (Circus Company)

Andrey Pushkarev – Before The End (Endless Records)

Andrey Pushkarev – Three Roads (Circus Company)