In the extreme southeast of the country, at a place where nature was relentless, the man showed his enormous power, defiance and authority, a few miles from the southernmost Montenegrin city, a large beach. The feeling that gives it to the first-time visitor and comes into contact with it is similar to the epic moment in Darabunt’s monumental accomplishment, Shawshank Redemption, when Andy explains to her friend Red that she is so great that the Pacific is so great that there is no memory … so here, looking at the horizon at the moment when the sun sinks deep into the west, the visitor of the Great Beach feels great, reassembled into nature, as it has always been. In this place, a new festival, a place of youth, energy and flight gathering, is born this summer, a proof that Montenegro is not lagging behind with world-wide destinations that offer modern and most attractive content for all generations in their cultural heritage. At the end of July, when the sun travels to its highest point and the night is the shortest but the hottest, when the dawn so quickly arrives to show the challenges of a new day, when sand, sea and joyful charm will charm every visitor, 4 amazing days and nights in the new adventure called Waveul Festival. Surf with us on the sea and music waves this summer!